Week of April 18, 2016

On April 18, 2016 I began my journey to visit all of our agents. My travels began in Memphis, Tennessee. After leaving Memphis I traveled throughout Mississippi. There was only one bail agent that could not meet with me due to a personal commitment.

My goal during the next year is to share with you the stories and life lessons to which I am exposed. I believe through these experiences we can all grow and build a better business model. Each day on earth should be a day whereby we strive to create our masterpiece. After all, once today is gone the only thing left is a memory.

I truly enjoyed every meeting with every bail agent last week. The respect and honor I have for everyone I met is priceless to me. I have made the comment recently that we need leaders in the bail industry, I would like to correct this statement. The Bail USA agents are leaders in their community and, in this case, within the state of Tennessee and Mississippi.

Some signs of good leadership skills are: humility, willingness to serve, empathy and accountability. A leader is also intentional in their daily life. I saw first-hand how the bail agents cared for their employees and their clients. I have no doubt that the people I met with last week wake up with one goal in mind – what can I do to help the next person that calls me?

I must tell one story before I close. One bail agent I met had lost her ability to post bond because in Mississippi you cannot post bail in a county where your spouse is a police officer. Her home county was the source of her income. That is where she spent her time creating relationships and building her business model. Her options were to a) divorce her husband but continue to live as man and wife b) follow the law and create a new means to help support her family c) whine. This wonderful lady gave her bail bond business in her county away and bought a building and built a day care. She still writes bail outside of her county and we are working with an attorney to see if we can somehow grandfather her back into business in Jefferson County. Until then, she has 50 children she cares for, these children were the most well behaved children I ever met. But the story is not over. After touring her facility she asked me if I noticed her miracle baby, I was then introduced to her three year old son. While pregnant the doctors told her something was wrong and she needed to make a decision as either the baby would survive and she would not, or she would survive and he would not. She stated, “God does not make mistakes, if He allowed me to become pregnant He would ensure we both survived”. I have included with this message a picture of Ms. Sheva Dean-Jones. When faced with insurmountable obstacles she maintained her faith in God and moved forward. She did not whine or feel sorry for herself she just kept living intentionally and doing more for others than she expected others to do for her. Sheva Dean-Jones, I salute you!

I thank all of the bail agents I met with last week. I love and respect all of you and I am very pleased that you are choosing to move forward with Bail USA. I am touched by your loyalty and support of our company.