December 6th, 2016

December 6th, 2016

Back Home!

It has been a long trip. It is good to be home, and wonderful to see the great staff of Bail USA! Every day they do an outstanding job. I am so proud of them.

Tim and I were blessed to be able to spend Thanksgiving with our daughter and her fiancé. We spent some time looking at wedding venues for their 2018 wedding. I have so much to be thankful for, I have a beautiful loving family and a wonderful extended family which consists of you.

After Thanksgiving we traveled back to South Carolina where we once again continued to visit our bail agents. We had a great dinner with all our people in the Myrtle Beach and Georgetown area. A special note of thanks to Woodrow Blair and his wife for traveling from Bennettsville to join us! I enjoyed lunch with our agents in Columbia and dinner with Ricky Hill and his wife in Greenville.

Greenville South Carolina was a unique city that I would highly recommend you visit. It is a medium size city but it has so much to offer! The town is surrounded by colleges with a downtown that is alive with activity. It has a great Riverwalk, wonderful restaurants, beautiful boutique shops and an area where you can watch artist at work in their studios. This town would be a great town for a Bail USA convention someday.

As we were driving across Arizona for our final meeting with Robert Lambert we realized I missed seeing two bail agents in Nevada. One was Renee Dishman at Knotty Girls Bail Bonds in Reno and the second person I missed was Wade Robison of Ely, NV. While I could not go back to Reno, I apologized for not seeing her, but Ely was a must see. We left Laughlin and drove straight to Ely (4 hour drive) to take Wade out to dinner. As I was sitting in Wade’s office we laughed at my comment that I was going to see everyone after the sale of Bail USA. By traveling to Ely (middle of nowhere) I made Wade Robison a believer in my mission.

Next we traveled the western part of North Carolina. I enjoyed my meeting with every one of our people. I could easily live in this part of the state. My last meeting was in Winston Salem. I enjoyed breakfast with Charles Moore and Jada Doggett.

Thank you all for taking the time to meet me.

Glad to be home with my staff!

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