June 13th - July 15th

Weeks of June 13, 2016 to July 15, 2016

The last month has been extremely busy in the Burns household. The middle of June I had a great timetraveling through Virginia with my nephew Caleb. We had a wonderful time meeting with all our fantastic Virginia bail agents. We traveled through the White Sulfur Springs area and toured the Greenbrier. I now understand why Mr. Garvin feels the Greenbrier would be a great location for a Bail USA Convention. It is worth the travel time to experience the beauty of the resort.

No matter whom I saw in Virginia I was impressed by the quality of bail agents in the state. It was obvious by the interaction they had with the people they introduced me to that these are bail agents who are well connected and well respected in their hometown.

Caleb and I especially enjoyed our time in Hampton, Virginia. While there we tried to visit the local museum, but were stopped at the door by a number of security officers and television crews. We came to find out that Hillary Clinton was giving a speech at the museum. We did not stick around to hear her speak.

The highlight of this trip was meeting Ira “Bud” Roth. Bud is a man that we should all strive to model. Bud has retired from two positions, but continues on a path of personal growth. He loves writing bail and he and his lovely wife Sandy continue to minister to the community and the people whom he bails out. I believe because of his love of life and what he does he is ageless.

After leaving Virginia we traveled to the home of “The Office”. This is the hometown of the one and only John Wasco and his nephew Dean Cali. John has been a bail agent with us forever. This was my first visit to the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area. It was great seeing his pictures and listening to his hunting stories. Thank you John and Dean for everything you do for bail in our home state of Pennsylvania. Your hard work is greatly appreciated by myself and all bail agents in our state.

After the Virginia trip Tim and I took a couple weeks off to move from our home of 25 years to a new condo we recently purchased. Living in the condo gives us the ability to continue our travels to meet all of our bail agents. On July 4 th we left our new home to travel to the New England states.

My first stop was to meet with Amy Jacobs. It was an honor to sit in her beautiful home and enjoy the beauty of her backyard. I thank you Amy for the wonderful brunch you prepared for me. We talked about the need to be proactive in Connecticut as everyone believes 2017 will be another year where the Governor will once again try to eliminate our industry.

I thank Andrew Marocchini for everything he did this year as the President of the Connecticut Bail Association. I enjoyed my time with him and our discussion about bail in his state and in general. Andrew is a young man whose passion is bail. I have great faith in him and believe he will continue to grow as a leader within the bail industry.

Sheri Davis is in New Hampshire. Brian Dennis was her mentor in the bail industry. I know if Brian is looking down from Heaven that he would be very proud of the business she has built. When pretrial started to grow in her state she did her homework and restructured her business to encompass the tools pretrial utilized that the judges liked in order to enhance her company. She educated the community as to the difference between tax-payer pretrial service and surety bail. Today, she continues to write bail and is looking forward to grow her business into Massachusetts.

Upon the completion of my visits Tim and I took a few days off to visit Lake Champlain and Quebec City, Canada. If you have never had the opportunity to visit these two areas I would suggest you put them on your bucket list.

Thank you once again to the great staff of Bail USA. Their dedication to you and our industry is what enables me to continue on these visits to our bail agents throughout the nation.

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