Week of May 2, 2016

On May 5th and 6th I traveled to Little Creek Casino and Resort in Shelton, WA to attend the Washington State Bail Agent Association meeting.

I intended to travel to Kennewick, WA to visit Brent and Hikao Hansen and their staff. The plans were changed the day before the trip because of the distance from Kennewick to Shelton. I received a lovely email from Hikao Hansen, I truly appreciated her kind words for me and Bail USA. Tim and I hope to sometime circle back and visit them during our year long journey. I also want to travel to Spokane, WA to see Eric Houchin’s office during our journey.

After traveling from Seattle to Shelton to attend the meeting I decided we should consider this resort as our next location for a Bail USA convention. The countryside is beautiful. Shelton is located at the most southern tip of the Puget Sound, a must see location!

Thursday evening I spent quality time with Troy Hansen, Eric Houchin and the great people from All City Bail Bonds, Maxine, Courtney, Mike and Bill. We enjoyed the best Alaskan Crab at the Squaxin Island Seafood Bar inside the Casino.

On Friday, I met the rest of the bail agents from All City Bail Bonds. I was able to spend some time with Brent Hansen and Kris Neilson. I am very pleased with our representation in Washington and proud to have them as a part of our Bail USA family.

The most touching story came from Kris Neilson. He is a remarkable and determined young man. Several years ago during a fugitive recovery he entered a home that was cooking meth, he accidently broke a container with his foot. He later learned that he had cancer and asthma that came from the encounter with this poison called meth. My thoughts and prayers remain with Kris and his family as he continues to write bail and battle cancer.

Congratulations to Denny Behrend who was elected President of WSBAA and to Troy Hansen who was elected as Vice President. Together I know they will lead the association in a positive direction. Also, a big thank you to Gayle Brandon and Becky Magnuson for all their hard work in making sure the conference was a success.

Thank you all for your time and hospitality during my visit with you.