May 10th - 16th, 2016

May 10 thru the week of May 16, 2016

Another few weeks under my belt!

This week’s adventure took me through Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia and Ohio. I like to plan my travels so I can see a minimum of two bail agents a day. I am not sure how many hours I was on the road last week, but the week was full of memories.

I started my trip by meeting Norman and Janet Peters from Somerset, PA. Again, I hate to say it, but I don’t remember ever meeting them before. Harvey brought them on board with the Harvey Childs Company years ago. They are lovely people and are excited to be a part of our team.

From Somerset I seized the opportunity to stop by to see my 92 year old father. He has had health issues in the last year but I am pleased to say he is doing well. I can only hope to be as independent as he when I am his age.

Dinner was next with Kerm and Nell Yearick in State College. Kerm also started writing bail with Harvey Childs prior to Bail USA being in existence. Kerm had some wonderful bail stories to share with me. I am so grateful for the loyalty of our team members.

My next stop was with Tommy Weatherholtz. Tommy is my story of the week. His 13 year old daughter, Madison Hailey, has just signed a record deal. Her first single called, “A New Friend” will be released on iTunes May 27 th . Madison will be going on tour this summer. I believe we are going to have a celebrity in our mist with Madison, look out Taylor Swift! Tommy not only runs a great bail bond office but he has diversified into other businesses. I am so very proud to have Tommy and his staff, Robert, Cheryl Lynn and Nikki, as a part of Bail USA. I wish Madison great success as she begins her career!

Harrisonburg, Virginia, home of the one and only Dover Harper. Dover’s bail office sits right across from the jail. Dover recently took me for a tour of the court house. It was impressive to see the relationships he has from Judges to clerks and everyone in between. It was obvious Dover is an intricate part of the criminal justice system. Dover may attend this year’s convention if he doesn’t travel to Ireland. I appreciate you Dover for your friendship and business.

Beckley, West Virginia was next. Daniel Hall has been with our company less than a year, but what a great find. Daniel has been writing bail for many years through a relative of his, but now has branched out on his own and doing a fine job. Thank you Daniel.

I had dinner Thursday evening with Anthony (James) Brown and his lovely wife and son. Jim has been a part of our team for many years and a great friend of John O’Bryon. We had dinner at a local restaurant in Lancaster. The owner of the restaurant was a butcher and their specialty was steaks. If you are ever traveling through Lancaster, Ohio look for the restaurant “The Castaways”. It is located in the middle of nowhere, but well worth the drive. I thank you Jim for your kindness and hospitality. Last stop of the week was in Steubenville, Ohio, the home of Dean Martin. Steubenville was once a thriving metropolis. The city is located where they have access to water ports and railways, but for some reason the city is having a difficult time recreating the once vibrant city. In Steubenville I met with Rocco Boniey. Rocco’s office is in the center of Steubenville. He not only writes bail but has a thriving insurance business. Friday was the first time I ever met Rocco. His father came with Bail USA many years ago. Rocco took over the business after the passing of his father. Again, it was an honor to spend time getting to know him and his staff.

Each week I feel privileged to sit with everyone and spend time sharing past memories and future dreams. I thank each and every one of you for taking time out of your busy day to visit with me. I appreciate you all!

The following week of May 16 th , I was blessed to have Joe Lombardo accompany me on my travels this week. Joe currently works with HCC Surety out of Los Angeles. Joe is a second generation bail agent from California. He joined HCC Surety approximately one year ago. Joe is a great addition to the HCC team and a new valued member of the Bail USA family. Several of our bail agents in California have already met him and like him. He is easy to speak to as well as very knowledgeable about bail.

This week we visited the bail agent who has been with Harvey the longest, Nicholas Mirolli of Greensburg, PA. Harvey traveled with me to spend some time with Nick and his son Doug. Nick’s wife Louise is also a bail agent who we love here at Bail USA. I ask all of you to say a prayer for Nick and Louise as she has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. As we travel through this journey called life, consider that we are only a thread in the tapestry of life. Each day we should appreciate each and every moment we have with our family and loved ones. Each day we should try and do something nice for another person. None of us have a crystal ball to tell us what tomorrow looks like. Live every day like it is your last and make today (everyday) your masterpiece.

Joe and I also traveled to Warren, Ohio and Youngstown, Ohio to visit our agents in those cities. It was great visiting with everyone. Once again I heard how unscrupulous bail agents are ruining the market for everyone. I wish I had answers or a magic wand to return the industry to the good old days, but that is not possible. My recipe for success in the bail industry is to create a culture of doing. Each day whatever you do - exceed expectations. People cannot see your vision they see your actions. Your vision is seen through your behaviors. Some behaviors that demonstrate this are: Expect more from yourself than others expect from you, refuse to live off your past and eliminate excuses.

Together we will make bail great again. This was a quote from Corrin Rankin this week. Thank you