November 16th , 2016

Thank you California Bail Agents!

On Wednesday of this week I finished up our meetings with California bail agents. It was great meeting with all of you. There were several agents that we could not meet due to fact that we could not come up with a time that worked for both of us. I was devastated to realize I missed seeing Kenneth Erpenbach and called him to apologize.

I am so proud of our California people; everyone I met with is still dedicated to bail. The business model for writing bail has changed, but we continue to move forward. I spoke to a lot of you about writing additional surety bonds. Many of you are anxious to hear more about these bonds. Jon Schneider is working diligently to put together a learning module that we can roll out to you sometime early 2017. To write this line you will need to obtain your casualty license.

I want to highlight two individuals this week. I had the honor of going to the office of Steward Goldberg in Whitter, California. Stu has written bail all his life. On his wall was the plague from Bail USA congratulating him for writing in excess of $10 Million dollars in liability that particular year. To know Stu is to love him. He has no plans to retire. When I asked him about the future his comment was, “Why would I want to sit around at home when I am perfectly happy to sit around here in my office?” Stu you are one of a kind! Thank you for being my friend and business associate.

Carlos Del Hoyo Machado is the polar opposite of Stu. Carlos is young and just beginning his career. He is engaged to a beautiful young lady who is an immigration attorney. He is anxious to learn and grow in his career. It was an honor to sit down with this young couple.

The purpose of highlighting these two individuals is to point out how this business is evolving. Thirty plus years ago as a young woman entering the bail industry I was anxious that bail would not survive when listening to my elders. The bail industry did survive and evolve and it will continue to do so as we move forward.

On to Arizona!

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