November 21st, 2016

November 21st, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

This has been an exceptionally long trip. We left November 6th and just made our last stop Tuesday November 21, 2016.

After leaving California we traveled through Arizona. While Arizona is not bail friendly the agents we have there are exceptional. I had a beautiful breakfast Maria Shivone in Lake Havasu then dinner with Tamara & Ken Naylor and Nathan Wallace and his parents.

From Phoenix we headed to Florence where I visited with Linda and Louie Duran. I loved her western style bail bond office. I admired all the cherished items that she collected over the years from her clients. I loved the stories they shared about their lives and Louie’s love of animals, particularly roosters. Thank you for sharing such wonderful stories.

Next stop was Show Low, Arizona and late lunch with Benjamin Burney and his wife. But our trip was not over yet as we realized we were only four hours from Albuquerque New Mexico. We arrived in Albuquerque after dark and I set up the appointment to meet Juan Chavez for breakfast. Juan is such a wonderful young man. I am so thankful to have all these wonderful people in my life!

As we were driving across Arizona for our final meeting with Robert Lambert we realized I missed seeing two bail agents in Nevada. One was Renee Dishman at Knotty Girls Bail Bonds in Reno and the second person I missed was Wade Robison of Ely, NV. While I could not go back to Reno, I apologized for not seeing her, but Ely was a must see. We left Laughlin and drove straight to Ely (4 hour drive) to take Wade out to dinner. As I was sitting in Wade’s office we laughed at my comment that I was going to see everyone after the sale of Bail USA. By traveling to Ely (middle of nowhere) I made Wade Robison a believer in my mission.

I am thankful to be traveling back to Vegas where this trip began. We will spend Thanksgiving with our daughter and her fiancée.

As the Thanksgiving Season begins let me express my gratitude to all my staff. If it was not for you I would not have this opportunity to meet with our bail agents.

Thank you.

To all our loyal bail agents throughout this great country thank you for believing in me and our company. Thank you for your business and your friendship.

God bless you all and Happy Thanksgiving.

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